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Picturesque Lisbon

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Lisbon Tram Design Map Illustrator London

I struggle to remain patient waiting to board that small wooden carriage on the Martim Moniz Place!

The queue is so long, the sun beats down and my feet are starting to ache. After an hour and a half, I finally get to hop on this iconic tram and whisk across the city! My friends and I choose a seat next to the windows, so we can easily take pictures and fully enjoy the scenery. As we leave the place, we travel down the beautifully tiled Alfama district, full of colours and charm. The narrow streets are so tiny; they only just fit the vintage carriage. Stretching out my hand I run my fingers along the smooth stonewalls. The route 28 takes us on a journey around Lisbon and let us admire the metallic lamp poles designs or the famous Cathedral de Sé. The more stops we make the more packed the tram gets and it’s starting to feel like a tin of Portuguese Sardines. I remain careful, as I have previously been warned to keep an eye out for pickpockets who take the opportunity to steal your belongings at each sudden brake! Luckily, I’m sat down so I don’t have to worry about this and let myself transport in the streets of this hilly city. The traffic makes it hard to pass sometimes, but after 45 minutes of traveling we arrive at our final destination.

Now we can only walk back!

Tram E28

Everyday 4 times hourly from 7am - 10pm

Single ticket can be purchased onboard for €2.90

For a chance of getting a seat Board at Martim Moniz (or Campo Ourique)

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