Ever since reading Agatha Christie and Her "Murder on the Orient Express" I've always dreamt to cross Europe by rail. The whole idea of boarding in one city and waking up in another always really thrilled me. It came to no surprise that, when I learnt there was a historic train journey crossing Vietnam from North to South, I wanted to test it. However, this was my first overnight train ride and I may have had my head full of clichés. Would reality differ somehow to what I w

Why are all pubs Irish when you go abroad?

This is what I heard a few weeks ago at a dinner party, which made me think: Is it true? ‘Is every time I go abroad all the pubs are Irish?’ As a French who lived in Paris the first 20 years of my life I can tell you it's not a rule there. I remember going to Rue Princesse as a student and go to this pub called "The Frog and Rosbif" (you saw it right) and the concept was pretty much the same as a regular English pub, except the lack of serious cosiness. High stools were the k