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New year (kinda), New direction!

For those who’ve been following my adventures, 2017 has been full of surprises and changes.

I quit my office job to become freelance and since then I’ve been looking to find the right direction to express myself in order to not have too many compromises in my new routine. The more I was exploring new techniques and ideas, the more it became obvious: I am passionate about maps & travelling and the everything  in between.

That’s why I’ve decided to refocus this blog about my travelling stories and when I’m not on the road, my good finds in London (I call them places that make you travel). Think an awesome Asian supermarket on Kingsland Road or the best Indian restaurant in Fulham.

Stay tuned for my next adventure, I’ve heard about a cool find in the Marrakesh’s souk.

Charlotte – Martin Le Lapin



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