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As you probably noticed, I like going to Japanese places (my passion for the Japanese culture being one big motivation factor) so it comes all natural to share to you my best spots to share a bowl of ramen, this traditional noodle soup that you find everywhere in Japan for no more than £6 (yep, expect to spend a bit more in London!). I've classified them to make it easier for you to choose, and feel free to comment to add to the list!

For an authentic taste: Tonkotsu

My sister can't get over them! She advertises them to everyone as "the best ramen in London", and she could well be right. The taste of them throw you back to Japan, and drink wise you can taste a lovely Japanese whiskey as they have an extensive selection behind the bar.

382 Mare Street, London, E8 1HR

And various locations around London, for more visit their website

For a traditional taste: Ippudo

You can't go wrong with them, they are the closest to Japanese ramen you could find in London, probably because they started in Japan over 30 years ago. Since then they've expanded quickly world wilde. It must mean something!

31A Villiers Street, London, WC2N 6ND

And various locations around London, for more visit their website

For a sophisticated taste: Shoryu

There is something comforting about Shoryu, from the Japanese greeting at the entrance to the taste of their Tonkotsu ramen. The pork has been cooked super slowly making the broth super creamy. It's so great you can even say how firm you like your noodles to be cooked! Vampires beware, their garlicky ramen is no joke.

G3-5 Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PJ

And various locations around London, for more visit their website

For a twist on your ramen taste: Nanban

You probably have heard about them by now. Founded by Masterchef winner Tim Anderson, the chef takes influences from when he was living in Japan and from his current surroundings in Brixton (expect a bit of Caribbean flavours to his cuisine). Everyday is slightly different as his menu varies with what looks nice on the market that day. The tea pickled eggs are truly amazing and by far the best I've had outside of Japan!

426 Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8LF

For more info visit their website

For a freestyle taste: Bone Daddies

No need to introduce you to these guys, they are now well established in London. If you are looking for new flavours for this traditional dish, Bone Daddies is surely the place to go! They do serve traditional ramen of course, but I can tell you it's not the highlight of their menu!

46-48 James St, London W1U 1HA

And various locations around London, for more visit their website

For a takeway taste: Koi

Located in Pop Brixton, this little stall is perfect for a quick lunch. They serve Asahi and lovely dumplings and you can top up all your dishes with pickled ginger (and it tastes great) alongside sesame.

Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, SW9 8PU

For more info visit their website


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